hydration tracking bottle - On track to better days.

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Better Hydration = Better Productivity + Better Health + Better Living


Hydration tech for good:

  • Beat the hydration challenge and enjoy keeping up with your water goals

  • Say farewell to electronic waste and single use plastics

  • Enjoy long-lasting healthy habits with a smart water bottle that stays by your side


We’re here to help you take care of your health and wellness with ease, without needing to worry about your impact on our earth.


Want to check in with your hydration goals?

Tap the light ring on top of your bottle to get a progress snapshot and save time with no more manual tracking. This is how wellness should be. Simple.


Take Action

With a long lasting rechargeable battery there’s no need to fall behind on any of your hydration goals again. Finally, here’s a water bottle that you’ll love carrying with you.

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Sync up your bottle with your water wellness app and set personalised targets to match your health goals.