Here at Thrivve we believe that self-care is impossible without planet-care. Our story began in 2016 when Cerise - our nature, loving founder was horrified to learn that her everyday plastic filled lifestyle was having a disastrous impact on the environment. Like most of us she had been truly sucked into the world of 21st century convenience, unknowingly aware of the consequences.

Cerise decided it was time to switch off the auto-pilot and do something about it. One of her first steps was to do away with disposable water bottles. The simple act of carrying a reusable bottle was more life-changing than she expected. Not only was she doing her bit for the planet, but she began actively paying more attention to how much water she was drinking on a daily basis. Before long her nightly waking to quench excessive thirst had stopped, she no longer had dry lips and mouth, and no more midday tiredness.

Although, the benefits of drinking water such as better skin, more energy, and less fatigue are well known. Most of us don’t pay much thought to how much water we drink, let alone how we drink it (the latter is just as important).

The ritual of refilling and reusing her water bottle got her thinking there must be other people out there who also underestimate the power of being properly hydrated, and what if we could create a reusable bottle that empowered them to drink well and waste less.

This is where we are today, deep in the product development room, beavering away to bring it to market.

We’d love you to join our movement for better water wellness with Thrivve